Technical Rope Workshop

High Angle & Confined Space Intensive Mini Camp
Provides continuing education for NFPA 1006 Technicians and 1910.146 Rescue Teams

This 24 hour training program combines lecture, discussion, and hands-on to demonstrate techniques and methods to ensure rescuer competency and proficiency. 

Students shall have completed initial training as a Technical Rescuer (Rescue Technician I or II, Industrial Rescue, Rope Ops, etc.) and a basic understanding of rescue methods and systems prior to attendance is required. For Rope Rescue Technicians, Confined Space Technicians, and other technical rescue rescue disciplines who utilize rope for rescue and who may be exposed to inclement weather and temperatures.

Course Overview

Safety Training Services, Inc. presents a fast-paced Technical Rope Workshop – Intensive Mini Camp. This hands-on course will refresh rescuers in the basic concepts of high angle and confined space rescue, followed by advanced skill presentation. Students use advanced skills in a variety of rescue scenarios with consideration to rescuer and team safety in a variety of weather conditions. After attending this class participants will:

  • Identify weather's physiological impact on patients and rescuers - take steps to reduce impact.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hazard identification and mitigation techniques.
  • Develop and implement a successful rescue plan including patient packaging for rescue and protection.

Click Here to download a PDF of the course overview.

Training Materials: Ropes, rigging equipment, and rescue gear will be utilized during this course. A limited number of harnesses and PPE will be available. Students are strongly encouraged to bring and wear equipment used by their own rescue team. A class III Rescue harness, hard hat or rescue helmet (no fire helmets), and safety glasses, long pants and sturdy work boots are required to participate in hands-on exercises. Successful completion will result in a certificate for twenty-four hours of continuing education.