The STS Difference...

The Safety Training Services, Inc. stand-by rescue team, when contracted, has the ability to respond to an emergency in a timely manner and possesses the equipment and skills necessary to rescue personnel from any confined space on site. As a stand-by rescue team is required to respond and reach any victim within a time appropriate to the workplace hazard, we make sure to be ready (while on-site) to make immediate entry if workers are in a life-threatening atmosphere. 

Our STS rescue team is equipped for the varying confined space hazards. We have self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), supplied air respirators (SAR), personal protective equipment (PPE), barricades, ventilation methods, low-voltage lighting, radios, victim removal devices and atmospheric testing equipment available.

Drills & Training
OSHA requires a stand-by rescue team to practice their skills by making at least one rescue every 12 months (simulated or actual). Our rescue team drills many times monthly with both real persons and dummies, in a realistic, hands-on scenario in our 18,000 sq. ft. facility located in Highland, IN.

In Addition...

If requested, in addition to their duties of providing support for stand-by confined space rescue, the team can also:

  • Monitor the atmosphere of the space, or spaces, being entered.
  • Provide basic first aid, including CPR, for employees at any location at the facility.
  • Act as a designated attendant for employees who enter confined space(s).
  • Provide services as fire watch.
  • Provide safety oversight.
The STS rescue team can also be used as a stand-by rescue unit for areas that have more than one entry location if arrangements for additional attendants and communication equipment have been made in advance and if emergency notification procedures have been preplanned.
We believe our knowledge of health and safety regulations and approaches to on-site services & training, as well as knowledge of the OSHA requirements, gives us the proper insight and perspective for satisfying employer needs.