Out of Breath?

Safety Training Services, Inc. provides trained technicians for the purpose of operating/maintaining on-site supplied air systems. Our air technicians' time is accounted for on time & materials sheets that are signed by your on-site staff. Minimum callout charge for air techs is 4 hours unless cancellation received prior to technician arriving on-site.

What can we count on them to do?

The STS Air Technician's will provide the following benefits to you:

  • Determine site specific equipment needs and procedures.
  • Setup appropriate SAR (Supplied Air Respirator) equipment for personnel use.
  • Monitor air supply and equipment usage.
  • Recover, inspect for readiness, and re-supply consumed or inoperable equipment.
We believe our knowledge of health and safety regulations and approaches to on-site services & training, as well as knowledge of the OSHA requirements, gives us the proper insight and perspective for satisfying employer needs.

Have a need for supplied air trailers? Forget that bulky SCBA equipment in a confined space, rent an air trailer from Safety Training Services!

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