Hazardous Chemical Transportation (Formerly DOT HM-126F) Training

Hazardous Chemical Transportation Training - This 4-hour class applies to employees involved in shipping anddot training, dot hazmat, hazardous chemical transportation the packaging of hazardous materials and transportation of these materials by means of over-the-road, railway, aircraft, or vessel. Meets the requirements of: PHMSA Code of Federal Regulations (Title 49, Subpart H, Parts 172.700-172.704).

Course Overview

Safety Training Services, Inc. has developed a comprehensive training program that encompasses all aspects of the training requirements for "Hazardous Materials Employees" under the amendment to the hazardous materials regulations. This program covers:

  • Overview of HM-172.704.
  • Hazardous materials table.
  • Shipping papers.
  • Labeling of hazardous materials.
  • Packaging and marking.
  • Loading and segregating materials.
  • Placard requirements.
  • Safety training overview.
  • DOT Emergency Response Guide.
  • Properties of hazardous materials.
  • DOT classifications of hazardous materials.
  • Basic emergency response actions.

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