Our technical services include fire extinguisher services, safety equipment sales, first aid & AED services, and supplied air trailer rental & sales.

Fire extinguisher Sales

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We are able to help you with the following services related to fire extinguishers:STS Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire extinguisher training (including demonstrations & hands-on experiences)
  • Recharging (service & after use)
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Recordkeeping/tagging/labeling
Note that fire protection supplies such as new extinguishers, cabinets, and signs are also available.

Written Proposals are available upon request.

Free estimates are available by appointment only. To setup an appointment, call us toll free 877-724-2744. Thank you.

Equipment Sales

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Rescue Tech with Equipment

To ensure the best possible fit for your safety needs, our safety equipment is sold person to person, either over the phone or face-to-face.

Improper equipment not only represents wasted dollars but also may jeopardize your work crews.

Tap into years of expertise through our friendly sales and rescue/training staff.

This is a service we are happy to perform for our clients, present or future.

First Aid/AED Services

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Providing Effective Relief to Get Your Employees Back to Work
First Aid AED

Our customized first aid cabinets and supplies can meet and exceed OSHA requirements. Each one of our wall-mountable first aid cabinets are well-stocked with products that will give your employees fast, safe treatment. All of the products provided can be regularly restocked with scheduled visits by our safety representatives.

More than just a medicine cabinet....Peace of mind!


Supplied Air Trailers

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Have a crew in need of some good old fashioned oxygen? Our supplied-air trailers have your hook-up...literally! Forget that bulky SCBA equipment on your back, we rent these out so you can enter confined spaces with ease or to breathe freely while finishing a job knowing that you have enough air for multiple people to last all day!

Supplied Air Trailer