What our clients say...

"Safety Training Services, Inc. is here for confined space rescue, you look for the best. They are very safety conscious, and that's what it's all about."

Kevin Welchel - Maintenance and Environmental Supervisor
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, LLC.

"A lot of places that I talked to, they are like consultants that come out and they kind of walk around, whereas Safety Training Services is hands-on training. You get three to five days of hands-on training and your out-rigging."

Tracy Baldaccini, Owner
Repair Services Corporation

[Note: We trained Repair Services Corporation to be their own rescue team.]

"Being that some of our painting contracts have to do with companies like Walt Disney World, NASA, and some of the largest and tallest vessels around, we have to have the best manpower and equipment, and a professional highly trained rescue team on site that is second to none. Safety Training Services serves that purpose well."

Doug Wilson, Foreman
CL Coatings, Inc. 

"This course was very good. It gives me a whole new view on rescue. I really enjoyed being in the various safety training here for 3 1/2 weeks. You have kept it very interesting and I can tell everyone here enjoys what they do. I will continue sending our employees here. I look forward to working with you throughout my career with K-Plus Industrial Services as the new Safety Director."

Michael Jerman, Safety Director 
K-Plus Industrial Services, Inc.

"Thank you for the excellent training!! We have still been talking about it among all the volunteers as one of the best experiences in a training environment that we have had!"

Chris Kosovich
Indiana Sailing Association

"I have known and worked with Safety Training Services now since 2013, I currently oversee the safety and share training for a 16 fleet tugboat operation that spans from the river system of Chicago to Peoria, I also oversee the safety of shipyard operations that include mechanical, liquid barge cleaning and maintenance, Dry hopper barge cleaning, and welding repair. As Illinois Marine Towing, Chemical Terminal and Analytical Lab continues to grow and be best in class to support it's customers, safety and compliance with multi-agency oversite as responsible ownership regarding practices for our environment, I rely on Safety Training Services for their training, technical services, and excellent consulting expertise for industry safe work practices, OSHA regulations and standards. As safety regulations change, I am glad to know that STS staff are always prepared to assist and assess their customers needs."

Daniel Vascik, Safety Director
Illinois Marine Towing