Let STS be your extra set of eyes and ears!

The confined space attendant ensures the safety of the client's employees and/or contract vendors. The attendant will know the site hazards, the signs of exposure to hazardous materials, continually maintain an accurate count of authorized entrants in a permit-required confined space, continually monitor site conditions, summon rescue and emergency services if an emergency arises, and order evacuations if the site is not safe.

Drawing on their knowledge and experience, our STS rescue team members are able to recognize and anticipate safety hazards unique to the job site and the environmental conditions. Our confined space attendants will monitor the site both for hazardous conditions and for entrance by unauthorized personnel and can order an evacuation when the situation warrants such action.

Our Primary Responsibility is the Safety of the Entrants!

The STS rescue team will...
  • Come with knowledgeable of all the potential hazards of confined spaces.
  • Be able to detect the behavioral effects of exposure to confined space hazards.
  • Stay at the confined space and monitor the activities both inside and outside the confined space.
  • Stay in constant communication with all entrants.
  • Be able to perform non-entry rescue and be able to summon the rescue team.

Confined Space Safety the Way It Should Be Done...

Our STS site safety attendants will order such evacuation of the permit space under any of the following conditions:

  • If the attendant detects a prohibited condition.
  • If the attendant detects the behavioral effects of hazard exposure in an authorized entrant.
  • If the attendant detects a situation outside the space that could endanger the authorized entrants.
  • If the attendant cannot effectively and safely perform all the duties required of the attendant.
We believe our knowledge of health and safety regulations and approaches to on-site services & training, as well as knowledge of the OSHA requirements, gives us the proper insight and perspective for satisfying employer needs.