Training Division


What training courses does your company provide?
How do I know what training courses I need?

Our company offers "hands-on" hazardous waste, emergency response, confined space entry, and a variety of other safety related courses under controlled simulated conditions as a practical alternative to traditional seminars.

Courses range from skill-building exercises to compliance training as well as regulatory awareness training in a variety of topics.

We can help your company identify the applicable training requirements of your operation and then recommend an integrated curriculum to minimize overlapping requirements.

All of our courses are specifically designed to meet federally mandated requirements. Please click here to view course descriptions or call our office toll free at 877-724-2744 to discuss any safety-related questions.

Do you offer on-line training?

No. We currently do not offer on-line training because we feel that trainees benefit from direct contact with the equipment they will be asked to use during the course of their employment.

Where can I find your current course schedule?

Please click here to download our current course schedule.

If there is a course you would like to attend that is not on the schedule - please call our office toll free at 877-724-2744 and speak with Thomas Moore for more information.

Where is your facility located?

Our home office is located in Highland, Indiana in a 18,000 square foot training facility conveniently located 4 stoplights south of I-80,on Kennedy Avenue, about 6 miles west of I-65.

Comfortable classrooms and a large hands-on training area filled with props and scenarios are prominent features. We also have the capability to provide our courses at your site.

Do you offer training at other facilities?

We can set up a class specifically for your company at a location of your choosing. For some courses, we encourage clients to hold the training at their facility so that courses can be customized to provide hands-on scenarios using the plant-specific equipment employees will be expected to use during the course of their employment.

How do I register for a class?

For all of our regularly scheduled courses, simply click here to be taken to our online training registration form. Then fill out the form and check your email for the confirmation. If you have questions, call our office toll free at 877-724-2744 or send an email to:

We will process your registration form and send you confirmation within minutes. If you need additional information about a course or to register for a course not on the regular schedule, please call our office toll free at 877-724-2744.

What is the cost of the class?

Please call our office or come in for a visit! We would be happy to explore all your available pricing options. Group discounting is available.

Are there any hotels near your facility?

Yes. Please click here to visit our website about all of the lodging options available in our area.

How far is your facility from the airport?

Approx. 29 miles from Midway Airport in Illinois [1 hour drivetime];
Approx. 50 miles from O'Hare Airport in Illinois [2 hours drivetime];
Approx 8 miles from Gary Airport in Indiana [allow half hour drivetime].

What are the transportation options to/from your facility?

Please click here to view hotels, airports, etc.

What time does your training courses start?

All training courses at our facility begin at 8:00AM CST unless otherwise stated in your confirmation letter. If you are unsure what time your course starts, please call our office toll free at 877-724-2744.

Are your training courses OSHA certified?

OSHA does not certify any courses. However, all of our courses are specifically designed to meet federally mandated requirements by OSHA, DOT, EPA, NIOSH, and NFPA when applicable.

Note: For the OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Voluntary Compliance courses, the wallet cards of completion come directly from OSHA [all other course wallet cards are created at our facility.]

Can I get Continuing Education Credit for these training courses?

Yes. Please call our office at 877-724-2744 and speak with Thomas Moore concerning Continuing Education Credits.

What do I need to bring to the training class?

We supply all course materials and equipment for use during scenarios.

The only thing students need to bring is a lunch as we do not offer lunch with our training courses. We offer students a refrigerator, microwave, and lunch room if they would like to bring a lunch or there are many restaurants and fast food establishments in the area for students who would like to purchase a lunch.

What I should I wear to training class?

Please wear comfortable, casual clothing and shoes. Open-toe shoes and dress clothes are not recommended due to hands-on work conditions during scenarios. You may want to bring an extra change of clothes if your class is doing hands-on work.

What are your payment options/terms?

All payment options are listed on our training course registration form.

Our company invoices for open enrollment training upon receipt of your registration. If your company has an account, we extend terms of Net 30 days. Payment options include paying with cash, check, or credit card. We also accept ACH payments. If your company requires a purchase order number on invoices, please fill in PO# on your registration where indicated.

Consulting Division & Equipment Sales

Do you offer equipment for sale or rent?

Yes. We currently do not offer a catalog but we have equipment for sale and for rent.

Please contact Robert Groszewski or Edward Azcona at our office toll free at 877-724-2744 to discuss your equipment needs.

Rescue Services Division

How do I know if I need a rescue team?

Please download the Rescue Team/Rescue Services evaluation tool by clicking here.

For specific questions, please contact our office and speak with Pat Booth toll free at 877-724-2744.