Supplied-Air Trailers

Have a crew in need of some good old fashioned oxygen? Our supplied-air trailers have the hook-up...literally! Forget that bulky SCBA equipment on your back, we rent these out so you can enter confined spaces with ease or to breathe freely while finishing up a job knowing that you have enough air for multiple people to last all day!

Supplied air trailers

Inside of the air trailers - Click for Picture

Instructions located on inside door of all air trailers - Click for Picture 

All supplied-air trailers have manuals and other information for all equipment located inside along with a maintenance checklist so all of our equipment stays current and in 100% working order.

Need a technician for the purpose of operating/maintaining a supplied air system? Safety Training Services has air technicians available for any time you need them, click below to see what you can count on them to do!

Click here for more information   about hiring an STS   Supplied Air Technician!