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Who needs fall protection training?

Posted by Joshua Fleishman on Wed, Jul 08, 2020 @ 12:30 PM
Unfortunately when safety isn't a priority for a company, you have lamentable news stories like this.
EHS Today article on young man who died from falling off roof
Source: EHSToday
This article, from EHSToday, reports on a recent incident involving a young man (especially as it relates to being in the workforce) who died because of a lack of understanding or possibly an ignorance to working at heights. Long story short, they found no fall protection was being used at the site, and one would have to question training, if any, as well.
Fall protection is, and has been the leading cause of fatal injuries in construction and is consistently one of OSHA's most cited violations. Over one-third of fatalities in the construction industry occurs due to falls from height.
These deaths are preventable! 
Roofers on roof with little to no fall protection. Training is required!
OSHA mandates that any time an employee is working at heights (6 feet or more), they need to be aware of the proper fall protection practices and proper fall protection equipment. To help ensure workers are following proper fall protection safety precautions, per OSHA, every job site must have a competent person present.
If it is a matter of not knowing, allow our company to help educate you and your team. We offer training on working at heights as well as other workplace safety topics. We even have discounts to veterans, for any open enrollment classes we offer.
Please, think about your own safety and the safety of those around you. Say something if you feel the need, or contact a safety professional to ask a question. We have consultants available for on-site work whenever your company may need. 
Let's work smarter to educate ourselves and our employees to work safer and more efficiently, than to be ignorant and just "get the job done."
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