Technical Rope Workshops

Available workshops providing continuing education for NFPA 1006 Technicians and 1910.146 Rescue Teams:

  • Knots and Rigging
  • High Angle Options: The Skate Block
  • Confined Space Rescue Drills
  • High Angle & Confined Space Intensive Workshop

These training workshops combines lecture, discussion, and hands-on to demonstrate techniques and methods to ensure rescuer competency and proficiency. 

As a base requirement for these workshops, students shall have completed initial training as a Technical Rescuer (Rescue Technician I or II, Industrial Rescue, Rope Ops, etc.) before attendence. Some workshops require further knowledge such as a basic understanding of rescue knots; or a basic understanding of rescue methods and systems prior to attendance.

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Technical Rope Workshop - Confined Space Rescue Drills.png Technical Rope Workshop - 24Hr Mini Camp.png